Shirley White/Black received her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics degree from the University of Michigan. Shirley has taught in the Grand Rapids public school system, was visiting professor at Oakland Community College, a visiting lecturer at Eastern Michigan University, and a visiting lecturer at Ashland College in Ohio.

She has exhibited work in numerous competitive and invitational shows since 1980,  most recently (2015) at the Power Center, University of Michigan Center for the Preforming Arts, in Ann Arbor, MI.  Also, the invitational show “Loss at the Buckham Gallery in Flint, Mi: the Art On The House #3 invitational in the Michigan state capitol through the auspices of the Chelsea River Gallery: the Michigan Ceramics Art Association competition, at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Association, and the national competition “Cups of Fire” in Ann Arbor, MI.She was a charter member of the Michigan Clay/10 art alliance, and has been a member of the Clay Gallery and the Potters Guild for more than 30 years.

Shirley states:
“My current expressions focus on minimally three dimensional wall pieces which rely on line and shadow for complexity. They are constructed of clay, wood, and wire. This series expresses clay  primarily as a linear element.”

To contact Shirley regarding pieces for sale or inquiries, please email her at

Education: 1979 University of Michigan M.F.A. degree,1963-1966 University of Michigan Course work for M.A.1962 Central Michigan University B.S. in Art Education
Affiliations: Ann Arbor Potters Guild, Clay 10, Clay Gallery, Michigan Potters Association
Positions :  Visiting Lecturer Ashland College, Ohio; Visiting lecturer Eastern Michigan University, teaching Potters Guild

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Power Center, University of Michigan
2015 Clay Gallery @Dancing Dog gallery
2014 “Gifts of Art” University of Michigan, Taubman Center
2013 “EMBED” Clay Gallery, Ann Arbor, mi. Solo show
2012 “Cups of Fire” Clay Gallery, Ann Arbor,mi. National competition
2011 “The Clay Gallery@ Ella Sharp Museum” Jackson, Mi.
2010 “Art On the House #3” Lansing State Capital,  invited by River Gallery
2010 “Interstices  University of Michigan alumni show, Ann Arbor, MI.
2010 “A show about LOSS” Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI. invitational
2007 Summer Market, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, mi. invitational
2007 Gifts of Art, University of Michigan Taubman Center, A2, mi.
2007 “Reconnecting” University of Michigan Alumni invitational
2006 Clay/10 @ River Gallery, Chelsea, Mi. invitational
2000 Potters Guild 50th Anniversary Exhibition, U of M. Slusser Gallery
2000 “Clay/10 Twenty Years” Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Bloomfield, Mi. invitational
1996 Ann Arbor Street Art fair, Ann Arbor, mi.
1996 Joppich’s Bay Street Gallery, Northport, Mi. invitational
1996 Amber Willow Gallery, Columbus, Ohio competition
1995 Michigan Ceramics 95, Habitat/Shaw Edge Gallery, Pontiac, mi.
1995 “Return Engagement INFLUX” Ann Arbor Art Center,
1995 “Objects of Desire IV “ Miller Gallery,  Columbus, Ohio
1995 Joppich’s Bay Street Gallery, Northport, Mi. invitational
1993 “The High Art of Tea” Miller Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
1993 Clay/10 Holland Arts council, Holland , Mi. invitational
1992 Ann Arbor Juried Street Art Fair Potters Guild booth
1992 Clay/10 +10, Machine Shop, Emory Center, NCECCA conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
1992 ‘Feminist Imagination in Clay”  Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore,MD invitational
1991 1991 Ann Arbor Juried Art Fair -solo booth
1990 Clay /10 +10 Slusser Gallery U of M, Ann Arbor, mi
1989 “2nd Annual The Great Lakes Show” Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, IL  competition
1988 Clay/10, Ann Arbor Art Association Ann Arbor, mi. invitational
1988 Clay/10 Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Ill. Invitational
1987 Clay/10 Cup Show, 118N. Fourth Gallery, Ann Arbor, mi.
1986 Clay/10 Willis Gallery, Detroit, Mi. group invitational
1986 Low Fire Clay, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, mi. invitational
1984 “Drawing With Space” Midland Art Center, Midland, MI.

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