Kristine Stewart has lived and studied art in San Antonio Texas, Savannah Georgia and Ann Arbor Michigan. She received her BA from the University of Michigan and earned an MA from Eastern Michigan University. She has worked primarily in clay for 35 years.

“A lifetime of world travel has inspired my concern for environmental preservation. Because trees are meaningful to humanity and critically important in the natural world, I use them as the focus of my current body of work. I live in a woods because I find the elegance and tranquility to be the perfect environment in which to create. With my art I want to bring to our every day,  a reminder of our natural environment which sometimes we take for granted.”

She has participated in numerous shows in the US since 1987 and has work in Great Britain, as well as installations in private residences.

To contact Kristine regarding works for sale or inquiries, please email her at

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Stewart102920156Mug dimensions: 5x3x5in.

Stewart1005aVase dimensions: 14x4x4in.

Stewart201605311Plate dimensions: 12x12in.


Stewart201605312Plate dimensions: 16x13in.

Stewart201605313Plate dimensions: 16x13in.