I have been involved in many facets of the arts throughout my life be it music, painting and or ceramics. Growing up in a family that embraced music and art it was a natural step to studying art in college. After earning a MFA from Eastern Michigan University in painting I spent several years teaching at Henry Ford Community College and Eastern Michigan University. In 1996 I transferred my artistic energies from painting to clay and have never looked back. Several years ago I began to work with porcelain preferring the color, softness, fluidity and spontaneity of this medium. Firing my work in a reduction environment provides additional surface variations that I embrace. I joined the Village Potters Guild in Plymouth, MI in 1999 where I participate in three group shows each year. As a member of the Clay Gallery since 2003 I exhibited my work at our Liberty Street and Main Street stores. After closing the doors on the Clay Gallery Main Street store in 2014 I have been exhibiting with our group in several Pop-Up Exhibits.

During 2000 and again in 2009 I traveled extensively within China, touring museums, kiln sites, ancient pottery villages, working dragon kilns and universities where contemporary artists were approaching porcelain in new and innovative ways.

I attend clay workshops, and regional and national conferences where I continue to be impressed by the innovation and variety that comes from the ceramic community.

I work primarily with porcelain that is fired to ^10 in a reduction environment. The reduction environment in the kiln often provides surface variations that I embrace.

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All pieces are Porcelain
Thrown and Altered, and fired to ^10 in a reduction environment